New AI story :

A wall has separated the Eleuseeto from the Meehaneeto for many, many centuries. But the Meehanneeto are back. What will the Eleuseeto do?

This graphic story raises issues of privacy in today’s digital world. There is a set of reflection, research & discussion questions in the last 2 pages of the book.

65 full-colour pages.


Resources for the new Ontario math curriculum :

AnImal Farm

  • A reimagining of George Orwell's Animal Farm
  • Where is AI going and where is it taking us?
  • In partnership with Janette Hughes (UOIT), we have created a short graphic story (with artist Anthony Smerek) and a coding app (with Western Comp.Sci. grad student Chris Yiu)
  • We have tested the story in classrooms
  • Funded by ORF Research Excellence
  • see more at

Working on Civilization

How can we model civilization?

  • civilizations grow
  • what is the logic or limit to their growth?

We have developed an app to simulate "sustainable growth" and are also working on a story on this theme. In partnership with Janette Hughes (UOIT) and programmer Chris Yiu (Western).

Working on KNAER Math Knowledge Network

  • See the work of our 4 Communities of Practice at
    • Computational thinking
    • Critical transitions
    • Indigenous knowledge
    • Leadership
  • Funded by the Ontario Ministry of Education

Working on  Math Surprises