I am currently teaching Mathematics for Teachers (for Intermediate/Senior Teacher Candidates). The course title is misleading, and a better title would be Mathematics for Teachers & Students. I love teaching and learning in this class!


We are starting a new mathematics education research project, funded by SSHRC and led by Dr. Immaculate Namukasa, focusing on Kafai’s idea of computational participation.

We are in the last year of an exciting multi-disciplinary ORF:RE project on developing apps and support resources. See apps and resources in development.


I have been offering several professional learning workshops for educators & students, to support the new grades 1-8 and grade 9 mathematics curricula in Ontario.

I have been working to support the work of MKN‘s Computational Modelling in Mathematics Education CoP.

I have been working to co-author resources for mathematics, coding, AI & science. See workshops.


Mathematics education

I think we need a much greater focus on the quality of the mathematics we teach. Pedagogy alone cannot improve shallow mathematics we bring to our classrooms. See Part 1 and Part 2 of my blog post.

Social media & AI

I am very concerned about the surveillance role of social media and AI in our society. Read the graphic story Meehaneeto. (free access)