Working on relative density - coming soon!

Wolf needs Pigs' help to lift a heavy stone and uncover a hidden secret.

The story comes with a coding app to investigate relative density to create art!

In the meantime, sing along to Will it Sink or Will it Float, with lyrics from Grades 3/4 students at a Math and Science Camp:


A MATH TEST for humans

How human are you?

When it comes to math.


Take the math test ...

... at


AnImal Farm

  • A reimagining of George Orwell's Animal Farm
  • Where is AI going and where is it taking us?
  • In partnership with Janette Hughes (UOIT), we have created a short graphic story (with artist Anthony Smerek) and a coding app (with Western Comp.Sci. grad student Chris Yiu)
  • We have tested the story in classrooms
  • Funded by ORF Research Excellence and Western's WorlDiscoveries
  • see more at

Working on Civilization

How can we model civilization?

  • civilizations grow
  • what is the logic or limit to their growth?

We have developed an app to simulate "sustainable growth" and are also working on a story on this theme. In partnership with Janette Hughes (UOIT) and programmer Chris Yiu (Western).

Working on KNAER Math Knowledge Network

  • See the work of our 4 Communities of Practice at
    • Computational thinking
    • Critical transitions
    • Indigenous knowledge
    • Leadership
  • Funded by the Ontario Ministry of Education

Working on  Math Surprises