Learn, wonder, understand

THE WONDER OF MATHEMATICS: Out-of-school learning experiences … see samples. Funded by SSHRC.

AI EDUCATION from K to undergraduate: Mike Katchabaw (lead), George Gadanidis (co-lead), Jodie Williams (Indigenous Knowledges lead). Funded by Western.

MATH + CODING WORKSHOPS: I have been offering professional learning workshops for educators, to support the new grades 1-9 mathematics curricula in Ontario. See lessons learned.

MKN: I have worked for several years to support the work of MKN‘s Computational Modelling in Mathematics Education CoP, and served as MKN co-director.

MATH PERFORMANCES: See Youtube channel


Math education MPED

I recently taught Mathematics for Teachers (f2f, for Intermediate/Senior teacher candidates) and Mathematics Education Through the Arts (online, Masters of Professional Education-Mathematics).

I am looking forward to soon teaching the Mathematics for Teachers course (online, Masters of Professional Education-Mathematics).

I love teaching and learning in these classes, primarily due to the amazing students in our programs!


I have worked for many years, in K-10 classrooms in Ontario (as well as in Brazil), collaborating with educators to research the design mathematics experiences that offer students a sense of mathematical wonder.

In 2022, I received SSHRC funding for a new 3-year mathematics + computer programming project, focusing on grades 9-10.

In 2021, we started a new 5-year mathematics education research project, funded by SSHRC, led by Dr. Immaculate Namukasa, focusing on Kafai’s idea of computational participation in K-10 settings.


We just finished a multi-disciplinary ORF:RE project, developing and researching apps and support resources.


Mathematics education
Why elephants have big ears

I think we need a much greater focus on the quality of the mathematics we teach. Pedagogy alone cannot improve shallow mathematics we bring to our classrooms.

See Part 1 and Part 2 of my blog post.

Social media & AI
AI/tech story

I am concerned about the surveillance role of social media and AI in our society.

See a video reading of the graphic story Meehaneeto.